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The Living Story

Commission for E.M. – 9.6.13 Update

Posted 9/7/2013

After conferring with E about the composition, we both agreed the original structure was better, so it was back to the drawing board for some changes.  Below are photos of the process.  1. First the original was outlined in Photoshop and then overlayed on the new image to see what needed to shift.  2. Then transferred outlines on the new painting for basic direction.  3. The image was restructured & re-photographed.  4. The correction lines superimposed over new image in Photoshop to measure accuracy.  

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Vision of A Different Consciousness

Posted 9/6/2013

I was invited to dinner last week and saw my work installed........inside the office of a member of the Royal Family in Katmandu.   Below is a comment I got this morning from someone who "gets it".


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Commission for E.M. - 8.30.13 Update

Posted 8/31/2013

 I've been working on the painting for a few days now.

If you've been part of a commission process like this,  you'll know the beginning stages of developing the image can look pretty pathetic.

It's like building a foundation.   The foundation of a home never looks like much,  but it's essential.

 I'm in the process of "getting to know" the painting and connecting with the heart of it's life.    That part of the image that touched E.M. so deeply. 

As always,  clients are welcome to call,  write or just visualize ideas and suggestions because this is very much a collaboration.

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Commission for E.M. - Creation of The Dove

Posted 8/22/2013



This begins a new journey with one I will refer to as E.M., with whom I felt an immediate and beautiful rapport, as if speaking with an old friend.  My friend Suzanne Giesemann referred her to me and from the moment we first spoke on the phone,  I could feel this was a wonderful person I'm looking forward to working with.  Suzanne has several wonderful sites.   If you have a moment,  I highly recommend checking out her phenomenal work as it can be life transforming.  

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The Key to Abstraction

Posted 7/9/2013

I was recently asked the following question by a great artist who is a master of representational painting.
I hope my answer helps anyone beginning the adventure of abstract painting.

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The Journey Continues - June 19, 2013

Posted 6/19/2013

"As I look at this wonderful painting again,  of course I see more and I see the painting differently. That  is natural as one experiences a piece of art more fully. It is as if I see a man with a very high spiritual aura surrounding him and perhaps he is accompanied by a spirit guide or angel. There's a sense of movement in the painting, as if there is wind. Wind is the Holy spirit in ancient text.  Interestingly, I see an Etruscan horse.

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The Unveiling of "Rise"

Posted 6/12/2013

The unveiling of "Rise", my latest commission (documented in earlier blog entries), was the perfect culmination of a process artists always wish for.  Client and artist collaborated in the joyful creation of an image that exceeded mutual ambitions.   The level of commitment, engagement, synergy and courage to express or create new ideas was superb.  We were both sensitive to and respectful of the delicate balance involving creative freedom and client vision.   Working in genuine harmony, the result went beyond art and into the realm of something a bit more mysterious and hard to articulate.  It was like that rare adventure when you set off for a destination and discover a place more wonderful than you expected.  

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Art to Bear Givers Inc., benefitting the children at Sandy Hook

Posted 5/13/2013

Through the Bear Givers, Inc., in New York, artists had the opportunity to donate work for exhibit and auction with the proceeds benefiting the children of Sandy Hook.  I want to thank cosmic artist and friend Jack Armstrong for referring me to this excellent organization.

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"Rise!" - A Story of Risk and Realization

Posted 4/27/2013

On Apr 26, 2013, at 7:58 PM, JN wrote:


Reflecting back on the journey, it was Sunday morning that set things in motion. I sent an inquiry about a commission with no real idea of what type of project I wanted. I always thought I would seek a commission from Barry Mack on an abstract of the great Rocky Mountains. I still have no idea why I sent a picture of a warrior statue. But when a conceptual rendering was unexpectedly returned, I knew there was something special and I had to see this journey to its end. It was a journey of reflection, discovery, and encouragement.

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Bikram Vaidya and Scott

Posted 4/26/2013

While dining with Romio Shrestha and his cousin Bikram Vaidya, Director at the Oregon Cullinary Institute, Bikram introduced me to Scott, his restaurant Manager. Scott is about 35 and now in a wheelchair for life. He was in an accident a couple years ago and broke his neck, paralyzing his legs. He was living in an apartment at the time.   Not sure if I have all the details correct,  but I believe they're close.

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