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One of the great gifts of our work is the global contact across the oceans of this world ˆ and the joy of finding friends in every harbor. The gifts of the many abound and it is an honor and privilege to be part of this great exchange.

Way over there on the other side of the Atlantic is one incredible artist, Barry Mack, with whom I have been corresponding for many months now ˆ a brilliant artist, and spirit. Although I have still not had the joy of experiencing his paintings face-to-face, he has shared some of the images, like the one attached, via the electronic media and always I am astounded, stunned, humbled by the power and scope of his work and the light that pours through his gifted hands.

Barry's life work is dedicated to the splendor of the Light.

 It is all so breathtaking, so ‘familiar’ so GALACTIC!!  I am deeply moved and excited at the same time – how wonderful to channel through this expression...the art form. I truly am completely awed by the depth of his vision, the incredible energy that pours from the canvas...I celebrate the gift and it is clearly a memory – either of the future or the past – there is no difference, in the end."

 --Patricia C.