What's The Big Idea?


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This painting is very neutral with layers of iridescent silvery white,  so the color is extremely subtle.  We've included several photos and videos from different angles or time of day to show how the affects of light and details.

"Barry Mack's beautiful work is invested with messages for us all from the universal field of pure potentiality.  He is a seeker on the path toward enlightenment and this inspires him with great energy - producing a prodigious quantity and wide variety of concepts, ranging from the most dynamic and complex, to great simplicity and sensitivity.  I am grateful to have him as a friend and colleague.  

Thank you for deeply connecting us all to the universal spirit that helped you create this stunning display of virtuosity and amazing fecundity! There's something masterful in the body of your work that is thrilling and awe-inspiring. "

---Ted K.