“Universal artist of light, Barry Mack travels through time and space, creating groundbreaking works. The work is brilliant, and should be seen and studied by all designers and artists as a symbol of future genius!”
—Jack Armstrong, Andy Warhol protege

“Barry’s art carries Energy of the Higher Dimensions
from which it was channeled.

Those who gaze upon this art,
recognize the Energy and want it to grace their walls,
to be empowered and emboldened by it.

This Higher Energy,
through the physical form
is felt and cannot be denied.”
—Suzanne Giesemann, Author, Speaker, Former Aide to Joint Chiefs of Staff

“Barry Mack’s art conveys a power of abstraction that welcomes one into space. His breadth of subtle colors combined with strong geometric shapes invoke space within the mind as well as vast space of the universe. His images beckon and capture our attention….”
—Emily L. YoungProfessor Emerita, Visual Arts Portland State University

Audio Testimonial from Dawn O.

“Barry Mack’s work is beautiful, spiritual and very accomplished artistically – all at the same time. It’s a real challenge, I’ve found, to convey concepts and emotions of a higher nature and have the work remain artistically strong and unsentimental. He has succeeded!”
—Astrid Fitzgerald

” ‘Awakening’ is so breathtaking, so ‘familiar’ so GALACTIC!!I am deeply moved and excited at the same time. I am completely awed by the depth of vision, the incredible energy that pours from the canvas. I celebrate Barry’s gift and it is clearly a memory – either of the future or the past – there is no difference, in the end.”
—Patricia Cori, best selling Author and internationally acclaimed Thought Leader

“I have Barry’s paintings not only for their beauty, but for the way they make me feel. Looking into his works puts me at peace, in a world that seems to always want to do the opposite to people! Every day, I enjoy a slice of what it must be to see as he does.”
—Leah Kando

I have two of Barry's paintings...I picked them not only for their beauty, but for the way they make me feel. Looking into his works puts me at peace, in a world that seems to always want to do the opposite to people! Barry's personality is reflected in his art, and it's readily apparent that this artist views the world's light through a beautiful, peaceful lens.Every day, I enjoy a slice of what it must be to see as he does. His works attracted me immediately, as I love his play between darkness and light. 

--Leah K.

"Barry Mack became a legend in creating the modern Portland art scene & now paints in NY."

"In the future Mack will be thought of in the category of a cosmic Basquiat, 

as no one paints universal consciousness the way Mack has discovered it,

in his singularly unique style which has no comparison." 

Jack Armstrong

"Barry, Wow,  your painting is so beautiful (almost beyond beautiful)!

I work with angels and this captures so much of the light filled sense of the glory of ethereal reality."

--Susan and Jim

Barry Mack's artistic efforts have inspired me for a number years. He is a most gifted artist who combines state of the art computerization with his impressive artistic skills merged with a deep sense of spirituality. This is a "must have"  for those who are tuned into the the beauty of the spiritual world.

Phil E.

Barry your work is so powerful and truly infused with love, compassion and the touch of the divine.   You are a gift to the world am I am honored to call you my friend. 

David Howitt, Meriwether Group

Barry, you have such a wide range of visions. Each of your pieces reflects an emotion you were feeling when they were created. Obviously I like your use of light, especially when combined with the mountains and pyramids. The viewer flows between the present & the future, but can never reach either destination.  

--Rich Allison

"True art bursts forth like an explosion from our unconscious.  Barry's interest in the Superconscious and abstract renderings of Jungian archetypes  brings unfettered originality and boldness to his diverse and beautifully conceived explorations in mixed media.  His work is fresh and free from the shackles of redundancy, his explorations within shine brilliantly with beauty and versatility. "

---Sam K.  Vermont, USA

I was introduced to the joy of Barry's work several years ago. I'm thrilled that his inspirational gift of light is reaching around the world. Not surprising, his work continues now, as then, to touch me on an inner level too deep for verbal expression. 

--Helene D.

Barry your paintings resonate with my deepest Soul-knowings, and consciously-move heart and mind to heights and depths previously unknown...The more each is contemplated, the more comes forth to be seen and spiritually remembered....Thank you for Being all you came here for to Be.  

--Treecia Richie


Barry, I really love your work. It's true and golden. I think you captured a spirit presence. Something is Manifesting right in your studio!!!!

:) Beautiful :) 

--Liz N.

Barry:  I am no artist but I can see the beauty and truth in your work.  It is truly breathtaking.  To me it symbolizes truth, ancient wisdom, new beginnings, now.  Truly awe inspiring.  

-- Elaine

You & your art are an inspiration to my creative side ..gets me going BIG TIME! The amazement that such beauty (your work) comes out of a human hand - when so often the world focuses on the evil that that hand can create -What a wonderful reminder of GOODNESS & GODNESS! 

-- Lada

Joseph Blanchette

Richard & Signe