Viewing Art, we discover unconscious worlds within. Through the Pure Experience of abstract visual languages, Art allows a dialogue for Awareness.

Through critical analysis and commercial exposure, Art creates momentum as an industry and source for civil metamorphosis. We participate in this process through Art.

Our aesthetic experience lives through Art and contributes to our shared evolution. Art connects us, frees the imagination and ignites creativity.


People feel the art communicating subconsciously.

Collectors, dealers, advisors et al, are passionate about Art for a reason. Talent and genius reflects our world with priceless insight.
A masterpiece generates energy that grows with time.

Art is a property of our global wealth and shines forever.

Traveling through the past, present and future, the world of Art constantly fuels the thrill of inspiration in every generation.

Our experience gives Art a way to communicate what is real.

Art explores powerful forms of social progress, political balance and environmental urgency.

Where it all began

Drawing or painting since childhood has built a formal expression of free flowing artwork emerging from the unconscious and into the light of awareness for interpretation by the viewer.

Painting frees my mind from fears, worries, anxiety, stress and enables a flow of joyful, peaceful energy that the receptive viewer can feel intuitively.

Abstract art is essentially about something that can’t be put into words, representational images or literal ideas.

My work will always will be a process that can’t be explained or understood with words. Like a poem, symphony, song lyrics or a flower, this art has to be felt or understood by simple observation and being present to a pure, visual language.

The viewer can appreciate an abstract work of art by seeing, feeling and knowing the experience through non-verbal clues.

We tend to complicate the process of understanding abstract art but it’s really as simple as strolling through a garden or environment which evokes a feeling of enjoyment or inspiration.